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June 21, 2017 – 9:30 AM

Energy Quest Will Organize Infrastructure and Create Economic Opportunity for the New Frontier of ODIM in Huge Central American Deal

ODIM PrincipalsPANAMA CITY, PANAMA -- (NEWS WIRE) — JUNE 21, 2017 -- Energy Quest, Inc. ("EQI") (OTCQB: EQST.QB-News), an emerging leader in alternative energy and the development and production of alternative fuels in an environmentally responsible manner, announced today it has signed a major, and historic, international agreement with the new autonomous nation of ODIM (Organization of the Miskitos). ODIM is recognized by the United Nations and located inside the borders of Honduras as a sovereign nation.

With this agreement, Energy Quest is given the exclusive right to broker business deals with individuals, corporations, and nations on behalf of ODIM. The future economic development of ODIM will now flow through its’ partnership with Energy Quest.

The company will organize infrastructure (roads, communications, banking, security, port authority, codes, laws, governance, Immigration, security, etc.) as well as negotiate contracts with companies and countries who will be investing in, building facilities, and manufacturing in this new economic frontier. ODIM is a rural area of Honduras, with rich natural resources, which is now open to major development. It offers a business-friendly environment through ZEDEs (Zones for Employment and Economic Development), a new economic model which allows designated areas to build their own pro-business laws and institutions to enable rapid economic growth. Foreign investors bringing industry and development are welcome and will find a friendly business environment with a large, and ready, workforce.

Ron Foster, President and CEO of Energy Quest, stated, “We are very excited about the opportunity of being a part of creating a new sovereign nation. This is a new frontier! We think others that are looking for a ground floor opportunity will want to get involved by creating a major hub for business, investments, beach front property, banking and exports. ODIM will be established as a business-friendly sovereign national with its own laws and government. ODIM has a lot to offer to others and Energy Quest will be establishing business and marketing office in Central America and the United States. Energy Quest will also be deploying its’ developed technologies in this new country of ODIM. The development of this new country will bring revenues and enhance the shareholders base as well as new shareholders of Energy Quest, Inc.”

Dr. Albert Hyde, President International Division of Energy Quest, Inc., as well as an International Commercial business consultant in Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua and involved in the management of Rock Hill SA, Maremare Grupo SA, JAG Foundation, Water and Green Foundation, and now Energy Quest, is leading this historic effort, stating, “We have been working sometime on getting this agreement with the principles of ODIM and are overwhelmed with the outcome of our efforts and looking forward to developing this new country. This is an opportunity that is rarely available anywhere in this day and time and will now be available to Energy Quest and others.”

Largely populated by the Moskito Indian people, this 18,000-square kilometer area is often called the Amazon of Central America. ODIM offers huge expanses of untouched jungle, magnificent wetlands, savanna habitats, and gorgeous unspoiled beaches. It is blessed by nature with an abundance of minerals, plus the largest fresh water supply, the largest lumber supply, and the best fishing in all of Central America.

Teonela Paisano Wood, Mayor of ODIM, expressed her satisfaction with the agreement, “We are looking forward to having Energy Quest involved in our new country of ODIM that has been approved and provided by the government of Honduras through ZEDEs (Zones for Employment and Economic Development). We welcome Energy Quest and the economic development this bring to our new country. We are looking forward to the changes this will bring and the enhancement to the people of ODIM.” Please visit ODIM web site at www.odim.world

With the signing of this agreement, ODIM has opened the door for quick and abundant economic growth, while Energy Quest is now a major player in the international business world. Interested developers may find more information on expanding into Central America by contacting Energy Quest through the company’s contact information listed below.

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Pictured above: Stephanie Aurelia Reyes Funez, Foundation President; Seth Paisano Wood, Senator Honduras; Teonela Paisano Wood, Mayor ODIM; Waldomar Cabrera Wood Indian tribal leader, ODIM

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ODIM is rich in natural resources and now open to major economic development.


ODIM contains vast reserves of untapped natural resources making the area ripe for development.


ODIM contains more than 69 archaeological sites, including the well-known Lost City.